The VOLKSWAGEN GOLF makes up 11,709,241 of the overall 32,899,792 VOLKSWAGEN MOT test results. Select your GOLF model year below to find the specific problems.

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MOT check
Some examples of the most common issues are:
Nearside rear brake excessively fluctuating  Occurs:1,416 times
Parking brake efficiency below requirements ai Occurs:15,596 times
Exhaust emits dense blue smoke at idle  Occurs:2,222 times
Electronic power steering warning lamp indicates a system malfunction a Occurs:1,249 times
Nearside Front Upper Anti-roll bar ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt bii Occurs:1,467 times
Nearside Headlamp not working on dipped beam aii Occurs:4,220 times
Centre Exhaust system not adequately supported  Occurs:37,661 times
Bonnet retaining device excessively deteriorated  Occurs:1,464 times
Steering system excessively rough  Occurs:1,297 times
Nearside Front Ball joint has excessive play  Occurs:3,262 times
Offside Front front brake binding  Occurs:3,889 times
Windscreen has a sticker or other obstruction encroaching by more than 10mm within zone `A`  Occurs:6,598 times
Nearside Front Service brake excessively binding (1.2.1 (f)) Occurs:968 times
Nearside Rear Brake pipe inadequately supported  Occurs:1,062 times
Nearside Rear Shock absorber has negligible damping effect  Occurs:6,913 times
Offside Rear Direction indicator incorrect colour  Occurs:1,774 times
Nearside Rear Brake hose excessively damaged  Occurs:963 times
Offside Rear Seat belt locking mechanism does not secure or release  Occurs:1,163 times
Front brake disc excessively pitted  Occurs:4,453 times
Offside Outer Front constant velocity joint gaiter damaged to the extent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt etc  Occurs:7,212 times
Nearside Rear Rear wheel bearing has excessive play  Occurs:12,740 times
Offside Outer Rear position lamp not working  Occurs:1,428 times
Windscreen wiper not operating automatically when switched on  Occurs:2,442 times
Nearside Front Front position lamp not working  Occurs:31,145 times
Offside Front Road wheel bead rim badly distorted  Occurs:1,166 times
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