What is KnowYourCar?

The KnowYourCar service is a unique, must have, companion service aimed at car owner in the UK.

It can provide detailed information on any car in the UK, and gives its users MOT, TAX and service schedule reminders. Users can just type in a registration number and see the complete details of their car and current legal status.

This services is growing rapidly and already has over half a million users.

But the service goes further. Not only does it give all the help and information car owners need to know. From MOT, TAX and insurance status. It also recommendeds service information and help from recommended garages nearest them. Is your garage part of this growing platform?

Listing on KnowYourCar is free for life

Take control of your garage record, make changes, add offers and make the most of KnowYourCar.

Continue with a free basic listing or subscribe for additional functions if you want. It's easy to switch between the two at any point with no contracts or hidden charges.

Listing your business is totally free...forever. This includes the ability to amends your listing details and to upload offers, visible to all car owners in your local area. Not only that, but your customers can send and receive messages from you, directly from thier device. Some great reasons to get your garage listed, but there are some fantastic reasons to upgrade:

Join the revolution and connect to customers in the modern way.

Try Advanced features for Free for 30 days

£9.99 / month (+VAT) thereafter
Cancel anytime

Works across all platforms / devices

Access on your work PC, pick up where you left off at home.
  • Our website via any web browser
  • Work PC
  • Android devices
  • Apple devices

Connect to your customers

  • Automatically locate your customers nearby
  • Communicate seamlessly
  • Reminders, Automatic and your own custom created (eg Cambelt service)

Increase customers

  • Matches your garage to people near by
  • Add offers and show your services to attract people near by
  • Be featured on our MOT reminders to users near you
  • Get higher listings on our results

Manage customers

  • Easily allow online bookings
  • App will send appointment reminders
  • One button tap to say vehicle is ready
  • Set additional reminders to run automatically (service, cambelt etc)

Manage cars

  • Easily see the legal status of all cars that you are working on or important to you
  • Don't get caught out - if you test drive a car with no TAX you get the fine!

KnowYourCar App Available on Web, Android and IOS

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