Vehicle Check

vehicle check

1 in 3 cars has a hidden history

Get a full vehicle check from us and make sure you're buying the right vehicle.

What do we check?

50+ checks are performed including:
-Stolen check (Police and insurance)
-Written off vehicle check
-Outstanding Finance check
-All plate changes

Quality built in

We use quality data providers who check millions of cars each year. And the Finance Check is powered by Experian

Low cost full vehicle check

We are determined to keep the costs low for our full vehicle checks.
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Check now
No. of vehicle checks 3 1 1
£30,000 Guarantee
Outstanding Finance
Log Book Loans Check
Written Off
VIN Check
50+ more data checks

Get an instant car history check now

£30,000 data guarantee

Each of our Gold checks comes with a £30,000 data guarantee. Beware of other services offering vehicle checks with no guarantee of their data. Our full terms and conditions are available here and we try to make them as clear as possible.

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