Which cars are worst at passing their first MOT (Popular Models Only)

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Cars take their first MOT test on the third anniversary of their registration and thereafter on the anniversary of their last MOT, which in this case is Model year 2016

‘Popular models only’ option includes vehicle models with more than 5000 MOT test results. ‘All models’ option includes vehicle models with more than 500 MOT test results.

We remove non-model specific issues (e.g. Tyres) from these failure stats. For example, if a car failed on just illegal tyres, we switch it from a fail to a pass.

MakeModelModel YearFuelPass %No# of testsWhy?
ISUZUD-MAX2016diesel81.46%5221Common Failures
DACIASANDERO2016petrol81.70%10070Common Failures
FORDFIESTA2016diesel81.74%13163Common Failures
VAUXHALLCORSA2016diesel83.07%5405Common Failures
VOLKSWAGENPASSAT2016diesel83.90%18978Common Failures
TOYOTAHI LUX2016diesel83.92%5602Common Failures
NISSANMICRA2016petrol83.99%11088Common Failures
SEATLEON2016diesel84.52%7818Common Failures
VOLKSWAGENGOLF2016diesel84.87%37991Common Failures
DACIADUSTER2016diesel85.06%6137Common Failures
MITSUBISHIL2002016diesel85.53%7617Common Failures
JAGUARXE2016diesel85.63%11484Common Failures
SEATALHAMBRA2016diesel85.83%5746Common Failures
PEUGEOT3082016diesel86.06%12999Common Failures
PEUGEOT2082016diesel86.17%5422Common Failures
FORDRANGER2016diesel86.24%12180Common Failures
VAUXHALLINSIGNIA2016diesel86.38%25125Common Failures
FORDECOSPORT2016petrol86.38%11563Common Failures
VAUXHALLADAM2016petrol86.66%9859Common Failures
FORDGALAXY2016diesel86.71%7779Common Failures
SEATLEON2016petrol86.78%9851Common Failures
NISSANNAVARA2016diesel86.82%8825Common Failures
PEUGEOT30082016diesel86.88%7777Common Failures
FORDC-MAX2016diesel87.10%6273Common Failures
VAUXHALLMOKKA2016diesel87.13%15084Common Failures
VOLVOXC602016diesel87.26%15805Common Failures
VAUXHALLCORSA2016petrol87.53%75350Common Failures
LAND ROVERDISCOVERY2016diesel87.61%35007Common Failures
FORDMONDEO2016diesel87.76%17047Common Failures
HYUNDAITUCSON2016diesel87.77%20503Common Failures
KIASPORTAGE2016diesel87.91%28420Common Failures
PEUGEOT20082016diesel87.92%10393Common Failures
VAUXHALLZAFIRA2016diesel87.96%6145Common Failures
SKODAYETI2016diesel88.14%5884Common Failures
TOYOTAAURIS2016hybrid88.24%13269Common Failures
FIAT500X2016diesel88.42%6626Common Failures
SEATIBIZA2016petrol88.56%19088Common Failures
VOLKSWAGENSHARAN2016diesel88.62%5473Common Failures
FORDFIESTA2016petrol88.63%110116Common Failures
SKODAYETI2016petrol88.63%8269Common Failures

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