MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with T

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with T

We have analyised over 20,189,904 checks starting with T

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Nearside Rear Anti-roll bar linkage fractured  Occurs:2,016 times
Offside Front Brake hose twisted  Occurs:1,419 times
Offside Front coil spring broken  Occurs:22,344 times
Headlamp excessively deteriorated so that the light output is severely reduced  Occurs:1,048 times
Offside Front Upper Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover excessively damaged so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt  Occurs:1,013 times
Offside Front Suspension spring mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded  Occurs:1,228 times
Offside Outer Front constant velocity joint gaiter deteriorated to the extent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt etc  Occurs:3,126 times
Electronic stability control warning lamp indicates a fault (7.12 (e)) Occurs:1,461 times
Exhaust noise is clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar vehicle fitted with a standard silencer in average condition  Occurs:3,364 times
Fuel system component leaking  Occurs:5,469 times
Offside Rear Vehicle structure has excessive corrosion which adversely affects braking or steering  Occurs:1,134 times
Nearside Front Tie bar/rod rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement  Occurs:1,102 times
rear brakes release unevenly  Occurs:3,863 times
Nearside Front Steering pivot point has excessive play  Occurs:2,775 times
Nearside Front Anti-roll bar ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt bii Occurs:1,576 times
Nearside Front Headlamp not working on dipped beam aii Occurs:5,677 times
Offside Front constant velocity joint gaiter deteriorated to the extent that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt etc  Occurs:4,790 times
Parking brake lever has excessive movement indicating incorrect adjustment c Occurs:7,791 times
Offside Front Lower Suspension arm corroded and seriously weakened  Occurs:2,151 times
Offside Rear Anti-roll bar has excessive play in a pin/bush  Occurs:8,087 times
Nearside Headlamp lens seriously defective bii Occurs:2,057 times
Mechanical brake component has restricted free movement Occurs:14,269 times
Nearside Drag link end ball joint has excessive play  Occurs:1,239 times
Headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect  Occurs:2,248 times
Offside Rear Body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings  Occurs:7,710 times
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