MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with T

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with T

We have analyised over 20,189,904 checks starting with T

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Nearside Front Headlamp aim aimed so that it dazzles other road users  Occurs:4,897 times
Nearside Rear Statutory seat belt missing  Occurs:1,774 times
Centre Exhaust has part of the system excessively deteriorated  Occurs:3,940 times
Offside Front Anti-roll bar ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii)) Occurs:1,158 times
Exhaust mounting missing  Occurs:2,071 times
Offside Front Shock absorber has an excessively worn bush  Occurs:1,228 times
Nearside Front Windscreen wiper blade deteriorated  Occurs:11,524 times
Offside Front Road wheel fixing missing ai Occurs:1,153 times
Offside Inner Front brake disc excessively pitted  Occurs:1,123 times
Front brake disc excessively pitted  Occurs:6,940 times
Nearside Rear Leaf spring fractured  Occurs:4,721 times
Front Headlamp aim beam image obviously incorrect  Occurs:1,713 times
Nearside Headlamp aim not tested  Occurs:3,828 times
Nearside Front Headlamp not working on dipped beam aii Occurs:5,677 times
Nearside Front Tie bar/rod rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement  Occurs:1,102 times
Offside Rear Direction indicator not working  Occurs:5,664 times
Offside Ball joint has excessive play  Occurs:1,186 times
Offside Front Upper Suspension arm has excessive play in a ball joint  Occurs:5,406 times
Nearside Rear Anti-roll bar has excessive play in a pin/bush  Occurs:8,493 times
Nearside Rear reflector missing  Occurs:2,789 times
Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds default limits ( (b)) Occurs:4,884 times
An item not tested  Occurs:4,108 times
Offside Rear Anti-roll bar linkage has excessive play in a ball joint  Occurs:10,730 times
Offside Headlamp aim projected beam image is obviously incorrect c Occurs:6,337 times
Nearside Rear Stop lamp(s) not working (4.3.1 (a) (ii)) Occurs:6,734 times
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