MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with H

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with H

We have analyised over 21,392,310 checks starting with H

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Offside Front Position lamp not working a Occurs:35,015 times
Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded  Occurs:2,121 times
Nearside Front Headlamp aim so that beam "kick up" is not visible on the screen a Occurs:1,753 times
Rear Brake lever has inadequate reserve travel  Occurs:4,673 times
Offside Rear fog lamp emits a light other than red  Occurs:3,347 times
Offside front brake binding  Occurs:30,728 times
Nearside Windscreen wiper blade deteriorated  Occurs:11,596 times
Offside Outer Front constant velocity joint gaiter split  Occurs:13,137 times
Offside Rear Anti-roll bar rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement  Occurs:4,710 times
Offside Rear Shock absorber has negligible damping effect  Occurs:3,380 times
Offside Rear Suspension component mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded outer sill  Occurs:1,696 times
Nearside Headlamp aim not tested  Occurs:4,328 times
Direction indicators flashing more than 120 times per minute  Occurs:2,603 times
Offside Front Headlamp insecure  Occurs:3,015 times
Electronic stability system warning lamp indicates a fault  Occurs:3,948 times
Nearside Rear Bonded suspension unit deteriorated and cannot function as intended  Occurs:1,287 times
Nearside Rear Footrest missing  Occurs:2,001 times
Central Rear Stop lamp not working  Occurs:1,191 times
Front Brake lever cannot be applied smoothly  Occurs:1,809 times
Nearside Rear Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt  Occurs:1,192 times
Offside Rear Rear position lamp excessively deteriorated so that it is not visible from a reasonable distance  Occurs:3,060 times
Offside Headlamp excessively deteriorated so that the light output is severely reduced  Occurs:12,126 times
Nearside Front Direction indicators incorrect colour  Occurs:6,978 times
Nearside Front suspension has excessive play in a upper suspension ball joint  Occurs:8,311 times
Rear Wheel spoke excessively loose  Occurs:1,832 times
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