MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with B

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with B

We have analyised over 17,762,174 checks starting with B

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Direction indicators incorrect colour  Occurs:3,304 times
Offside Front Exhaust system not adequately supported  Occurs:1,342 times
Offside Front Upper Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt bii Occurs:1,831 times
rear brake recording little or no effort  Occurs:1,382 times
Offside Front Front wheel bearing rough when rotated  Occurs:2,693 times
Centre Windscreen has a sticker or other obstruction encroaching into the swept area by more than 40mm outside zone `A`  Occurs:1,557 times
Brake performance not tested  Occurs:7,384 times
Fuel cap/sealing device missing  Occurs:4,139 times
Windscreen wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively Occurs:403,365 times
Offside Front Headlamp not in good working order adversely affecting beam image  Occurs:6,825 times
Offside Front coil spring incomplete  Occurs:5,089 times
Nearside Front Position lamp not working a Occurs:14,660 times
Nearside Side repeater not working (4.4.1 (a) (ii)) Occurs:2,348 times
Offside Windscreen wiper blade deteriorated  Occurs:4,048 times
Offside Front coil spring broken  Occurs:10,386 times
Horn not working  Occurs:3,420 times
Nearside Front Suspension arm has excessive play in a track control arm inner bush  Occurs:1,439 times
Nearside Rear Sub-frame attachment rubber mounting deteriorated resulting in excessive movement  Occurs:866 times
Offside Inner Front Suspension arm rubber bush deteriorated resulting in excessive movement  Occurs:1,498 times
Exhaust carbon monoxide content after 2nd fast idle exceeds manufacturer`s specified limits a Occurs:2,538 times
Offside Rear Parking brake inoperative on one side a Occurs:1,967 times
Service brake: efficiency below requirements  Occurs:2,207 times
Nearside Front Front suspension has excessive play in an outer ball joint  Occurs:916 times
Rear Stop lamp does not illuminate immediately a brake applies  Occurs:3,548 times
Parking brake: efficiency below requirements  Occurs:472,327 times
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