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Vehicle check

Amalgamated Vehicle checks of GILERA vehicles

Our proprietary algorithms have number crunched over 121,032 GILERA Vehicle checks and ranked the reasons that GILERAs fail their tests. Use this service to help find a new vehicle that’s right for you or get ready for your own GILERA's check.

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Direction indicators not working  Occurs:530 times
Front Brake disc excessively scored  Occurs:37 times
Horn sounds harsh or grating  Occurs:15 times
Rear Stop lamp does not emit a steady light  Occurs:30 times
Front mudguard insecure  Occurs:136 times
Offside Rear Direction indicator flashing less than 60 times a minute  Occurs:19 times
Front Headlamp at least one does not illuminate on dipped beam i Occurs:387 times
Nearside Brake lever has inadequate reserve travel  Occurs:15 times
Front Brake hose is likely to be fouled or trapped by moving parts  Occurs:89 times
Front Motorcycle structure insecure and likely to affect the correct functioning of the steering or braking  Occurs:14 times
Rear shock absorber insecurely mounted  Occurs:32 times
Front wheel bearings are excessively rough  Occurs:328 times
Fuel tank leaking  Occurs:11 times
Rear mono-shock pivot excessively worn  Occurs:12 times
Front Handlebar mounting excessively deteriorated  Occurs:32 times
Rear Rear wheel bearings have excessive free play  Occurs:178 times
Stop lamp damaged and function impaired  Occurs:14 times
Rear Brake lever pivots excessively worn  Occurs:14 times
Rear Brake pipe inadequately supported  Occurs:87 times
Rear Wheel spoke cracked.  Occurs:32 times
Rear Stop lamp emits other than a steady red light  Occurs:60 times
Front Horn not loud enough to be heard by another road user  Occurs:13 times
Front Brake disc securing bolt loose  Occurs:15 times
Stop lamp does not emit a steady light  Occurs:20 times
Front Plate brake test indicates a binding brake  Occurs:12 times
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