Which cars are best at passing their first MOT (Popular Models Only)

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Cars take their first MOT test on the third anniversary of their registration and thereafter on the anniversary of their last MOT, which in this case is Model year 2017

‘Popular models only’ option includes vehicle models with more than 5000 MOT test results. ‘All models’ option includes vehicle models with more than 500 MOT test results.

We remove non-model specific issues (e.g. Tyres) from these failure stats. For example, if a car failed on just illegal tyres, we switch it from a fail to a pass.

MakeModelModel YearFuelPass %No# of testsWhy?
AUDIQ22017petrol97.48%5007Common Failures
HONDAJAZZ2017petrol97.15%11758Common Failures
AUDIA32017petrol96.45%13345Common Failures
BMW5-SERIES2017diesel96.37%8707Common Failures
MINICOOPER2017petrol96.24%14024Common Failures
AUDIA12017petrol96.21%12502Common Failures
AUDIA52017diesel96.19%5385Common Failures
AUDIA42017petrol96.17%5486Common Failures
BMW2-SERIES2017petrol96.10%5283Common Failures
HONDACIVIC2017petrol96.09%8563Common Failures
MERCEDES BENZC-CLASS2017petrol96.05%7016Common Failures
BMW4-SERIES2017diesel96.00%9257Common Failures
AUDIQ32017diesel95.99%5035Common Failures
BMW2-SERIES2017diesel95.91%5945Common Failures
AUDIA62017diesel95.88%6747Common Failures
TOYOTAC-HR2017hybrid95.85%6409Common Failures
FORDFOCUS2017petrol95.76%28160Common Failures
MERCEDES BENZGLA2017diesel95.71%5498Common Failures
BMW1-SERIES2017petrol95.65%9734Common Failures
BMW3-SERIES2017diesel95.52%14708Common Failures
MINICOOPER S2017petrol95.47%5275Common Failures
TOYOTAPRIUS2017hybrid95.33%11979Common Failures
FORDKUGA2017diesel95.32%19213Common Failures
MERCEDES BENZE-CLASS2017diesel95.32%20848Common Failures
AUDIA42017diesel95.17%9800Common Failures
NISSANQASHQAI2017petrol95.07%15397Common Failures
FORDKA2017petrol95.04%7804Common Failures
MERCEDES BENZA-CLASS2017petrol95.02%7905Common Failures
BMWX12017diesel94.99%7044Common Failures
MERCEDES BENZC-CLASS2017diesel94.97%20427Common Failures
VAUXHALLMOKKA2017petrol94.81%19056Common Failures
MAZDA22017petrol94.81%5160Common Failures
VAUXHALLASTRA2017petrol94.69%24490Common Failures
PEUGEOT2082017petrol94.66%9971Common Failures
FIAT5002017petrol94.57%16037Common Failures
BMW1-SERIES2017diesel94.55%12004Common Failures
TOYOTAAYGO2017petrol94.47%14220Common Failures
HYUNDAII202017petrol94.46%7852Common Failures
NISSANQASHQAI2017diesel94.44%23150Common Failures
LAND ROVERRANGE ROVER2017diesel94.41%19586Common Failures

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