MOT History from tests of petrol MOTOR HISPANIA RX50s year 2000

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mot history
Pass percent:37.50%
(The average a petrol MOTOR HISPANIA RX50 year 2000 passes without issue)
Based on:8 MOT Tests
Most common failuresNo# failures
Rear reflector on motorcycle missing |1.4.1|2
Brake pedal attachment screws loose |3.1.2b|1
Brake fluid reservoir fluid level dangerously low |3.2.B1d|1
Front Stop lamp does not illuminate immediately a brake applies |1.3.1a|1
Rear Stop lamp does not illuminate immediately a brake applies |1.3.1a|1
Horn not loud enough to be heard by another road user |1.7.3a|1
Direction indicators affected by the operation of another lamp |1.5.1c|1
Front Brake caliper|s| insecure |3.2.A1j|1
Rear suspension bush has excessive free play |2.4.A2a|i||1
Rear Brake disc|s| insecure |3.2.A1g|1
Headlamp aim out of alignment1
Offside Rear Direction indicator not working |1.5.1c|1
Offside Front Direction indicator not working |1.5.1c|1
Rear Lower Rear suspension bush has excessive free play |2.4.A2a|i||1
Drive chain excessively tight |6.2.1d|1
Steering headbearing has excessive free play |2.2.2|1
Offside Front shock absorber seal failed and leaking oil |2.3.3|1
Rear reflector on motorcycle obscured |1.4.1|1
Rear suspension bearing has excessive free play |2.4.A2a|i||1
Front Floor brake test indicates a binding brake |3.3.C2c|1
Front suspension has excessive stiffness in the suspension movement. |2.3.6b|1

We get to these numbers by trawling through over 1 billion MOT test results since 2004 and crunched the numbers. We remove anything to do with Tyres, as they are model independent and group together common non-model specific issues. We are trying to get to a picture of what models have what issues.

Please note: We take the data from the DVSA. This data is raw and can contain typos and spelling mistakes that garages may have entered while recording a MOT result. Specifically miss-match on names of models and makes. We are constantly cleaning the data so bear with the odd issue.

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