MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with Y

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with Y

We have analyised over 2,049,196 checks starting with Y

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Front wheel spindle securing nut loose  Occurs:73 times
Handlebar mounting clamp loose  Occurs:346 times
Offside Front Direction indicators flashing more than 120 times per minute  Occurs:117 times
Upper Steering headbearing has excessive free play  Occurs:160 times
Nearside Rear Direction indicator insecure  Occurs:641 times
Rear Rear wheel spindle securing nut locking device missing  Occurs:477 times
Front Lower Steering headbearing has excessive free play  Occurs:55 times
Rear Brake pedal is positioned so that the brake cannot be readily applied  Occurs:101 times
Front Brake excessively binding f Occurs:1,020 times
Front Motorcycle structure excessively damaged  Occurs:96 times
Offside Exhaust noise is clearly in excess of that emitted by a similar motor bicycle fitted with a standard silencer in average condition  Occurs:70 times
Rear Roller brake test indicates excessive fluctuation of brake effort  Occurs:2,358 times
Steering control has Insufficient clearance at full lock affecting the riders grasp of handlebars  Occurs:335 times
Throttle operating incorrectly ai Occurs:201 times
Front Locking devices not correctly fitted which may make the motor bicycle dangerous to ride  Occurs:157 times
Offside Rear Rear wheel bearing has excessive play  Occurs:54 times
Nearside Front Direction indicator affected by the operation of another lamp  Occurs:107 times
Brake pedal has insufficient reserve travel a Occurs:67 times
Front Headlamp at least one does not illuminate on main beam ii Occurs:962 times
Front Brake lever attachment screws loose  Occurs:124 times
Front Stop lamp remains on when the brake is released  Occurs:1,014 times
Offside Front Front position lamp does not illuminate immediately when switched on  Occurs:123 times
Rear Brake reaction bracket securing bolt missing  Occurs:160 times
Offside Front Shock absorber has a serious fluid leak b Occurs:921 times
Offside Rear Direction indicators not working  Occurs:1,535 times
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