MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with Y

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with Y

We have analyised over 2,127,765 checks starting with Y

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Rear Drive chain sprocket worn to excess ci Occurs:190 times
Parking brake: efficiency below requirements  Occurs:332 times
Nearside Direction indicator flashing less than 60 times a minute  Occurs:118 times
Centre Front Headlamp at least one does not illuminate on main beam ii Occurs:68 times
Rear suspension bearing has excessive free play i Occurs:1,484 times
Offside Front Roller brake test indicates a binding brake  Occurs:170 times
Front wheel spindle loose  Occurs:70 times
Offside Front Lower Front shock absorber seal failed and leaking oil  Occurs:62 times
Rear Stop lamp not working  Occurs:147 times
Front Headlamp incorrect colour  Occurs:150 times
Offside Rear Direction indicators flashing more than 120 times per minute  Occurs:112 times
Front Headlamp dipped beam affected by the operation of another lamp  Occurs:143 times
Floor brake test indicates a binding brake  Occurs:133 times
Rear Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a)) Occurs:433 times
Rear Brake pedal insecure  Occurs:167 times
Centre Front Headlamp at least one does not illuminate on dipped beam i Occurs:212 times
Rear Brake caliper securing bolt missing  Occurs:93 times
Front Floor brake test indicates a sticking brake  Occurs:850 times
Front Riders seat insecure  Occurs:149 times
Front Brake lever cracked  Occurs:60 times
Front Steering headbearing excessively stiff or notchy fi Occurs:65 times
Fuel cap does not fasten securely by a positive means  Occurs:176 times
Nearside Front Direction indicator not working (4.4.1 (a) (ii)) Occurs:233 times
Drive chain worn to excess (6.1.7 (c) (i)) Occurs:271 times
Centre Exhaust excessively deteriorated  Occurs:81 times
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