MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with O

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with O

We have analyised over 111,322 checks starting with O

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Front Direction indicator incorrect colour  Occurs:20 times
Nearside Front Road wheel bead rim badly distorted  Occurs:41 times
Service brake: efficiency below requirements  Occurs:636 times
Rear Exhaust mounting missing  Occurs:116 times
Offside Headlamp aim aimed so that it dazzles other road users  Occurs:142 times
Offside Outer Front Track rod end ball joint has excessive play  Occurs:21 times
Rear Statutory seat belt missing  Occurs:12 times
Offside Front Upper Shock absorber has an excessively worn bush  Occurs:12 times
Headlamp not in good working order adversely affecting beam image  Occurs:29 times
Nearside Front Wheel bolt missing  Occurs:49 times
Offside Front Obligatory mirror insecure  Occurs:22 times
Parking brake lever has no reserve travel  Occurs:540 times
Offside Front Subframe mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded  Occurs:95 times
Nearside Stop lamp emits other than a steady red light  Occurs:12 times
Fuel cap/sealing device mounting flange/sealing method defective  Occurs:12 times
Brake master cylinder/servo mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded  Occurs:16 times
Windscreen has a sticker or other obstruction encroaching by more than 10mm within zone `A`  Occurs:106 times
Rear Brake pipe inadequately clipped  Occurs:12 times
Nearside front brake recording little or no effort  Occurs:20 times
Nearside Front Ball joint has excessive play  Occurs:52 times
Offside Rear Coil spring fractured or broken bi Occurs:74 times
Rear Exhaust mounting missing  Occurs:116 times
Nearside Front Steering arm has relative movement at its fixings  Occurs:31 times
Nearside Rear Service brake excessively binding (1.2.1 (f)) Occurs:12 times
Nearside Rear Brake cable has wires broken and is significantly weakened  Occurs:157 times
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