MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with O

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with O

We have analyised over 111,322 checks starting with O

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Nearside Front Headlamp aim beam image kick up to the offside  Occurs:39 times
Nearside Front Position lamp not working (4.2.1 (a) (ii)) Occurs:36 times
Headlamp switch faulty  Occurs:62 times
Exhaust system not adequately supported  Occurs:334 times
Nearside Front Brake pipe inadequately clipped  Occurs:21 times
Nearside Front Front wheel bearing rough when rotated  Occurs:56 times
Parking brake efficiency below requirements ai Occurs:117 times
Offside Front Direction indicator not working aii Occurs:12 times
Brake has no servo assistance  Occurs:12 times
brake disc excessively pitted  Occurs:21 times
Nearside Front position lamp incorrect colour  Occurs:73 times
Offside Windscreen wiper not operating over a large enough area to give an adequate view  Occurs:19 times
Oil leaking excessively from engine ai Occurs:22 times
Offside Side repeater incomplete  Occurs:20 times
Offside Front position lamp not in good working order  Occurs:27 times
Offside Rear Shock absorber has a serious fluid leak  Occurs:225 times
Stop lamp not working  Occurs:118 times
Brake master cylinder/servo mounting prescribed area is excessively corroded  Occurs:16 times
Nearside Outer Front constant velocity joint gaiter split  Occurs:34 times
Central Exhaust has a major leak of exhaust gases  Occurs:36 times
Offside Headlamp excessively deteriorated so that the light output is severely reduced  Occurs:131 times
Nearside Rear Body or chassis has excessive corrosion, seriously affecting its strength within 30cm of the body mountings  Occurs:71 times
Power steering malfunctioning  Occurs:53 times
Offside Rear Stop lamp adversely affected by the operation of another lamp  Occurs:33 times
Nearside Front Tie bar/rod has excessive play in a pin/bush  Occurs:16 times
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