MOT Checks from vehicle manufacturers starting with N

Analysis of MOT checks of makes starting with N

We have analyised over 17,251,241 checks starting with N

Some examples of the most common issues are:
Direction indicators incorrect colour  Occurs:4,946 times
Nearside Front suspension has a suspension lower ball joint securing nut not locked  Occurs:1,628 times
Nearside Front Front constant velocity joint is insecure  Occurs:2,234 times
Nearside Front Tie bar/rod has excessive play in a ball joint  Occurs:1,358 times
Offside Rear Statutory seat belt missing  Occurs:1,645 times
Windscreen wiper blade insecure Occurs:36,041 times
Rear fog lamp missing  Occurs:2,551 times
Nearside Rear Vehicle structure has excessive corrosion which adversely affects braking or steering  Occurs:4,206 times
Exhaust Lambda reading after 2nd fast idle outside specified limits c Occurs:6,219 times
Offside Headlamp aim so that beam "kick up" is not visible on the screen a Occurs:4,273 times
Offside Front Anti-roll bar ball joint excessively worn ai Occurs:2,484 times
Nearside Front Front suspension has excessive play in a lower suspension ball joint  Occurs:12,593 times
Offside Rear Anti-roll bar linkage ball joint excessively worn ai Occurs:1,337 times
Central Rear Stop lamp not working  Occurs:1,268 times
Nearside Front Front position lamp not working  Occurs:75,066 times
An item not tested  Occurs:4,439 times
Front Exhaust has part of the system excessively deteriorated  Occurs:3,214 times
Nearside Front Anti-roll bar linkage worn and seriously weakened  Occurs:1,288 times
Offside Front Side repeater incorrect colour  Occurs:4,229 times
Exhaust emits excessive dense blue smoke during acceleration  Occurs:2,024 times
Power steering pump drive system defective  Occurs:1,377 times
Nearside Front Track rod end ball joint dust cover excessively damaged so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt  Occurs:2,344 times
Offside Front Valve stem seriously damaged  Occurs:1,262 times
Nearside Front Headlamp aim aimed so that it dazzles other road users  Occurs:4,892 times
Offside Front Anti-roll bar linkage fractured  Occurs:4,471 times
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