We're proud to have partnered with Haynes Manuals

There are several great reasons to download the KnowYourCar app, one of them being that it’s free, but another is that it’s the only app you need to keep you informed about all aspects of your car’s maintenance. For example, you can keep tabs on when the MoT expires, when the VED is due, check the status of the insurance, find local garages, buy parts and even use it to pay for the Congestion Charge among other things.

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Now KnowYourCar is even better, because we’re proud to have partnered with Haynes Manuals to bring you access to DIY material on tap. Haynes was founded in 1960 and has been producing quality books that take you through simple – and not so simple – procedures in easy-to-follow, step-by-step fashion. You’ll find manuals on everything from a 1949 Jeep CJ to a 2018 Mini Cooper S, and many are available in an online format as well as print.

If that wasn’t enough, the more popular models are also available as OnDemand videos, where procedures such as shock absorber and pollen filter replacement sit side by side with more simple tasks such as how to check the coolant level, brake fluid, air filter and even the wiper blades. The videos show every step of the procedure and include information on torque ratings and recommended fluids, where appropriate, for complete peace of mind.

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Being able to work on your car yourself is a deeply satisfying experience, even if it’s just to carry out the basics, and having Haynes there to hold your hand is incredibly reassuring. Written from hands-on experience gained from the complete strip-down and rebuild of vehicles in a project workshop, Haynes Manuals help you get the job done right.

Access to Haynes Online Manuals via KnowYourCar is priced from £4.99 for 14 days, while 90 days’ access is £6.99 and a year costs £14.99. Of course, you can also go old school and buy a printed manual via our app for £16.99.

To see the Haynes manuals in action simply login to our KnowYourCar app or website. It’s available now as a web version or use our popular android and iOS apps. Join the hundreds of thousands of users who can now KnowYourCar like a pro.

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