How to check your car TAX

For a few years now, we’ve lost the tax disc. That circle in our windscreens that used to glare at us telling us when our next car tax payment was due.

Ah, the simpler times. Or maybe not. We at KYC think that this move by the government was actually a really forward-thinking long-term move. Sure, there’s no doubt a lot of tax revenue has gone missing as people simply forget about their tax. However, services like ours make this process much easier. As not only do we provide direct links to the government to buy tax, we also do real-time lookups and most importantly reminders when the tax is due. The automation of this process is by-far and above better than the old tax disc in the window manual method.

So how do I check my car tax?

There are two keyways. Obviously, we’re going to push our app KnowYourCar. Click here to run a car tax check. Whilst we’re pushing it because it’s our own service, there are also a multitude of other reasons. Once you’ve looked up your car, we not only provide you with car tax check info. We also wrap it with all important things about owning a car in the UK. And for free too.

The second way is to use the governments own car tax checker here. Whilst it doesn’t have anywhere near the number of features and functionality of our service, it is an independent service that doesn’t require any information to use.

KnowYourCar free TAX check

Use our unique car TAX check service KnowYourCar to find out the detailed information on any vehicle FOR FREE. But get much much more too. We give free access to TAX checks, Insurance checks, car information, best garages nearby and help with your car. It’s a must have companion service for any car owner. It’s available now as a web version or use our popular android and iOS apps.Join the hundreds of thousands of users who can now KnowYourCar like a pro.

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